Valorant and Vandal Pranks: Best Skins for Your Weapons!

Valorant and Vandal Pranks: Best Skins for Your Weapons!

This piece is for people who like Valorant and Vandal pranks! Fans like the Vandal because it can do a lot of damage and handle its recoil well. These are our five favorite Vandal skins for games and style. Get ready to look badass.

Valorant and Vandal Pranks:The best armor for aliens, the Reaver Vandal

To get an alien Vandal skin, just pick the Reaver Vandal. Riot Games got the colors, sounds, and images just right. This skin has a strange aura that will amaze both you and your enemies. Reaver Vandals kill in a spectacular way.

This is why I love Reaver Vandal:

  • Things that sound and feel like aliens.
  • Our unique murder images will help your campaign.
  • It has a sharp edge because it is built like steel.
  • Really great animation.

You can get this skin from the Valorant shop. It will cost $18.7 USD or 1775 Valorant Points when it comes out.

Valorant and Vandal Pranks:Dragon Freeze: Elderflame Vandal

The Elderflame Vandal is a mix of the glory of dragons and the brutality of Vandals. Its artistic value will make you proud to show it to other people. The Elderflame Vandal is a classic because of its scary look, unique design, and fire-breathing dragon reload animation.

Top Strengths of the Elderflame Vandal:

  • Very well made.
  • The most well-known Valorant skin.
  • When the game reloads, a simulated dragon is killed.
  • For fun, make an Ace cartoon.

This skin will be for sale at the Valorant store on July 10, 2020. Buy it for 2475 Valorant Points, or 26 USD, when it first comes out.

Valorant and Vandal Pranks:RGX Vandal: A Look into the Future

The RGX Vandal looks modern because of its clear structure. By drawing attention to moving parts of weapons, bullet effects can get in the way of gameplay. The RGX Vandal is a must-have for players because of its unique look, Ace animation, and beautiful LEDs.

The good things about RGX Vandal are:

  • Clear and up-to-date.
  • Light up your game area with LEDs.
  • The sounds of killing are loud and clear.
  • Use Ace’s amazing movement to hold enemies in place.

This skin’s price on October 6, 2021, is 2175 Valorant Points, which is about $22.9 USD.

Vandal: Chaos Reactor: An In-Depth Look

Prelude To Chaos Vandal gives you power over a nuclear reactor. The kill video shows enemies in hell and reloads that work. Use the Prelude To Chaos Vandal skin on your weapon to make it look great.

This is the best of Vandal’s Chaos Prelude.

  • An animation of an alien dying.
  • Amazing video for inspection.
  • I like how the reload motion looks like a gun.

What does Secrets to Getting This Skin: The Prelude to Chaos Vandal cost on June 22, 2022? It’s 2175 Valorant Points, which is 22.9 USD, or 92 USD.

Water Gun Chaos by Vandal Neptune

The Neptune Vandal kills like a calm water gun when it is set free. One-of-a-kind skin with moving eyes and water splashes that look like gunshots. The Neptune Collection skin cost 1775 Volts, which is about $18.7 USD, on May 25, 2022.

The best Neptune Vandal strength is:

  • Great water effects that look like bullets.
  • Unique effect for inspecting with a water gun.
  • The Neptune Collection makes skin grow back.

Finally, these VTBET Vandal skins will make you look great and make your Valorant game better, whether you like dragons, the future, or aliens. You can pick out your Vandal for the Vandal outbreak by going to Valorant.